Study: Kids Going From Ads to Web

Kids who go online to learn about a product have often been prompted to do so by advertising they encountered elsewhere.

A report released this week by Mediamark Research & Intelligence says 46 percent of the 6- to 11-year-olds it polled for its 2008 American Kids Study have “visited a Web site that they saw or heard about in a commercial or advertisement.”

Analyzing survey data collected in April through August, the report says the population of kids who’ve followed this path is about evenly split between boys and girls. But incidence of such behavior skews significantly toward the older end of the 6-11 age spectrum.

Kids who’ve followed an ad’s urging to seek more information at the brand Web site are, as you’d expect, an especially Internet-centric bunch.

They’re 48 percent more likely than kids in general to go online every day, and 41 percent more likely to have their own email address. They’re also 40 percent more likely than the average kid to say that “My parents let me go anywhere I want on the Internet.”