Study: Global Branding An Endangered Species

NEW YORK–Despite the large number of brands in the marketplace and a concerted effort by major manufacturers to expand global branding, only 43 consumer brands owned by just 23 companies have annual sales of more than $1 billion and can be defined as global.

?There are relatively few global mega-brands out there today,? said Jane Perrin, managing director of global services for ACNielsen, Stamford, Conn. (a VNU company), which Wednesday released a study on global branding. ?We looked at well over 200 brands in this study and although more than half had a global presence, they just didn’t have over a billion dollars in sales.? She said these brands account for more than $125 billion in sales.

The category with the most billion-dollar brands was beverages, with 13. Coca-Cola was the number one brand among beverages in the study, followed by Pepsi. Three snack foods registered over a billion dollars in global sales (Doritos, Lay’s and Pringles) and four tobacco brands had a significant global presence and met the billion-dollar criteria (Benson & Hedges, Camel, L&M and Marlboro), according to the study.

Of the 23 manufacturers, eight had more than one brand on the list, led by PepsiCo (6), Philip Morris (including Kraft Foods) and Procter & Gamble (5 each) and Coke (4).