A Study In Contrasts

Opera fans cheer rugby players and stock traders gyrate like ravers in Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners’ new campaign for Netscape Communications, the client’s first TV foray.
One spot opens with a shot of a well-dressed opera crowd, then cuts to mud-faced rugby players. The scenes play off each other to violin strings and a hip-hop beat. A second spot, backed by a techno groove, juxtaposes the frenzy of a stock exchange trading floor with the flash and fury of a dance club.
In post production, the TV spots were tinted with a “Netscape blue” cast, to match the client’s logo. A voiceover reads the tagline: “Netscape.com. The world according to you.”
The $15 million effort from the New York shop is backed by radio, print and outdoor ads and focuses on Netcenter, the Mountain View, Calif., client’s Web portal. The message: find whatever interests you in one place.
The spots, which broke last week, were shot in Budapest, Hungary. Most scenes were shot on location; a park green was made into a rugby pitch and a university lobby into the stock exchange just for the shoot.
–Andrew McMains