Study: Brand Messages Engage Loyal Viewers

NEW YORK Research undertaken by Interpublic Group’s Initiative Media and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that “engaged audiences” (comprising viewers who are devoted to a particular TV show) make especially receptive targets for marketers’ messages.

For example, for respondents who try “never to miss a show” compared with “casual viewers,” brand recall increased to 30 percent from 17 percent, and for viewers who watch the entire show comapred with those who “flip back and forth,” brand recall jumped to 25 percent from 12 percent.

“Engagement comes at all levels and in all forms,” said Stacey Lynn Koerner, executive vice president for global research integration at Initiative. “This is the beginning of a new age in media. People don’t watch genres, they watch programs, and every person has their own unique selection set of programming that resonates with them.”

Initiative calls these selection sets “microgenres,” and the media shop and MIT are now attempting to delve deeper into understanding the patterns the go into creating microgenres among subsets of viewers.

“So, far, our research in this area suggests that engaged viewers of science fiction are also highly present in buddy cop drama, so together these forms create a microgenre of programming that reaches a select group of people,” she said.