Studiocom Hops to It for TBS’ ‘Gilligan’

ATLANTA The Real Gilligan’s Island series on Turner Broadcasting’s flagship network, TBS, is being supported by an online game developed and launched by Studiocom here.

The game, Island Hop, has been available through a link on the Atlanta-based network’s Web site for almost a month, the agency said. Similar to Frogger, players have to move the Gilligan character across the lagoon by stepping on a series of moving objects while avoiding sharks. If Gilligan reaches the other side, he can light a fire to signal a rescue boat.

“Our strategy for Island Hop was to create a familiar game experience for a well-defined target audience,” said Studiocom founder Juan Pablo Gnecco. “It was important for TBS to allow users to interact with the show’s branding without complicated game play instructions.”

The game is part of the independent Atlanta shop’s ongoing relationship with the network. Last month, Studiocom designed and launched two online games for the TBS reality show He’s a Lady.