Student Behind Steve Jobs Logo Wins Grand Prix for Ogilvy’s Coke Poster

Jung von Matt also wins top Outdoor prize for invisible Mercedes

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CANNES, France—Student work doesn't get too much respect at Cannes. Until now.

Jonathan Mak Long, the 20-year-old Hong Kong design student whose logo tribute to Steve Jobs rocketed around the world last year, has now added an Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes to his résumé—for a Coke poster that Ogilvy Shanghai commissioned after seeing the Jobs image.

The minimalist poster, playing off the iconic white Coke stripe on a red background, shows two outstretched hands holding a bottle of Coke. (Scroll down to see the full image.)

A second Grand Prix was also awarded in Outdoor—to German ad agency Jung von Matt for "The Invisible Drive," a project that draped a Mercedes-Benz in an LED cloak that made it seem invisible, to promote the vehicle's zero-emissions technology.

A Mashable video of the Mercedes in action has been viewed almost 10 million times. The agency says the project got as many as 450 million media impressions around the world (including a few from this magazine).

But most of the talk will surely be about Long and his Coke assignment. On a day when Coke's CMO addressed a Cannes audience about the importance of developing youthful, sharable content online, the Outdoor jury honored a piece of Coke communication that, while posted outdoors, was generated directly through embrace of the viral web.

Long, who is still an undergraduate, has said he isn't sure whether he will go into advertising. At the very least, this gives his market value an even greater effervescence for any agencies willing to pony up.

U.S. agencies picked up four Outdoor Lions. Vitro in San Diego won a silver for its "Run With Ryan" execution for Asics. Leo Burnett in Chicago won bronze for its "Fry Lights" ad for McDonald's (which we thought should have been called "Tribute in Fries.") Barkley in Kansas City, Mo., won bronze for its Dice Tech Speak billboards. And Pereira & O'Dell won bronze for Snoop Dogg's Smokable Book.

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.