StubHub Would Like a Word With You Before the Apocalypse Destroys Life as We Know It

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The machines finally rebel against their makers and begin reducing human civilization to cinders. Amid the chaos and destruction, as the awful end draws near, your most soul-crushing regret is…

You never went to a Sia concert?

Goodby Silverstein & Partners posits just such a silly scenario for StubHub in the action-packed commercial below, one of two new spots directed by Epoch’s Martin De Thurah for the service’s “Your Ticket Out” campaign:

“StubHub believes that the decision to go out or stay in has bigger consequences than just that night,” says agency creative director Danny Gonzalez.

Yeah, you’d better get your tickets through StubHub and live a little. Before the washing machines and toasters kill us all!

“We’d originally scripted for our guy to have a quiet moment at the end of the world, staring at the Sia wig,” he says. “The scream was more of an alternate version to try. On our first take of him doing the scream ending, we laughed so hard, we ruined the audio on the take. Martin peeked his head over with a smile and said, ‘I think this is your ending.’ He was right.”

De Thurah directed Under Armour’s Michael Phelps commercial, selected by Adweek as the best ad of 2016, but his earlier comedic work for Weight Watchers convinced GS&P that he was right for the StubHub assignment.

“What drew us to him most was his comedic sensibility,” says David Suarez, also an agency creative director. “We thought, if he could make these [StubHub] scripts as beautiful as they are funny, we’d be in good shape.”

De Thurah’s cinematic style fits the outlandish, cheeky material to a T, whether he’s depicting technology run murderously amok, or telling the story of two young people who—because they choose to go out rather than sit around at home—meet, fall in love, strike oil and ultimately put on a wacky Hollywood musical:

Oscar-nominated composer Johan Johannson (Arrival, Theory of Everything) scored the “Machine” commercial. Andrew Sherman of Butter Music and Sound handled the music for “Festival.” Presumably, after the machines exterminated all humans, Sia wasn’t available.

Client: StubHub
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Production Company: Epoch
Director: Martin De Thurah

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