Struck Places Easter Eggs in a Location Finder

And just what's behind that interactive zipper?


Who From left: Executive creative director Steve Driggs, CEO Daniel Conner and chief operating officer Pauline Ploquin

What Advertising, design and digital agency

Where Salt Lake City headquarters

It’s not easy creating branded content people actually want to engage with. So when Struck launched a new site for Jack in the Box, it put the focus on fun: Visitors opening an interactive zipper see animated .gifs or horoscopes. Easter eggs are hidden in the location finder, and when users search for “China,” “Bermuda Triangle,” “Stonehenge,” “1989,” “Canada” and “Easter Island,” visual surprises pop up. Additional elements will be hidden in other nooks and crannies on the site. Struck, with offices in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore., also works for marketers like DreamWorks, Quaker Oats and the Utah Office of Tourism.