The water-cooler buzz in various offices across corporate America may be Imagistics International’s new nationwide ad campaign, whose recent launch has not been without controversy.

The office-document-equipment company, formerly Pitney-Bowes Office Systems, has caused something of a stir with its 30-second TV spots. The campaign, by ICRNetwork in New Canaan, Conn., relies on the concept that Imagistics products are so dependable, there are never any problems for their users. The spots depict women deliberately jamming their Imagistics equipment in order to get the repair man to arrive—who turns out to be a hunk. Aha.

Imagistics has received a number of angry e-mail responses from both men and women who call the ads sexist. “We didn’t think we’d get this kind of response,” said Clara Harmon, Imagistics director of marketing communications. “We wanted to reinforce the dependability … of our product, and our commitment to customer service.”

Print ads, which broke recently in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek, may be less controversial. They show diverse members of corporate America looking content because they can count on Imagistics products.