Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Captain Hoofers, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners’ horsey mascot, is many things: Ronnie James Dio fan, über marketing wizard, ex-con, recovering Ketamine addict. What he is not, it appears, is the mystery blogger that has Hollywood aflutter.

The blogger, known as Rance, claims to be an A-list actor, and his inside-baseball posts about the movie industry have led some to believe he might be Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson or even George Clooney. In December, he wrote, “Suffice it to say I know what it’s like to see your picture on the magazine rack every now and again when you pay for groceries.” Asked in an e-mail interview with Reuters if he is well-known actor, he said, “Or a well-known actress perhaps. Just not Donald Trump.”

As speculation grew, a reader of researched Rance’s Web address——and thought she had the answer. “She came to the conclusion that he was a San Francisco man who worked at an ad agency and once ran a Web site with a similar name—possibly dedicated to an imaginary horse,” the Reuters reporter wrote. Imaginary horse? Some at BSS&P might scoff at that. As John Butler once said of Hoofers: “He’s a little loud and opinionated, but we’re committed to him. You’ll go down to his office and Dio records are blasting, but beyond that he’s a joy to be around.”

Whatever other mischief their creative star gets up to, it doesn’t seem to involve writing about Hollywood. Don’t, in other words, beat a dead horse. “That baby’s run its course,” says Mike Shine. “We’re not trying to bring that back.”