Straight From the Hip

Red Ball Tiger has taken time from making ads about men’s apparel to take a stand on gun control.
Shootings in schools across the country prompted the San Francisco agency to create a TV ad promoting gun registration. Now the shop is looking for corporate sponsors, particularly in Silicon Valley, to come up with $5 million to air the ad during prime time in key markets with political races afoot. Agency partners are sending letters to top executives of large,
well-known brands.
“Politicians follow money, and corporations are the largest political contributors,” says Bob Ravasio, the agency’s managing director.
“If one or more major corporations take a stand” to back the issue, politicians will pay attention, he adds.
The spot, directed by Leslie Dektor, tells the story of two high school boys who buy guns. Ravasio says the shop is convinced that such a corporate-backed ad would be more effective than gun control activists have been in swaying legislators.
-Joan Voigh