Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek West Edition

Zero to Sixty
Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein talk about getting Saturn moving, Jamie Barrett’s popularity and what makes their agency’s style special.

Fear Factor
Study: Thumbs Up on Terror Shows
The threat of terrorism has not deterred viewers from seeking out TV shows and movies depicting attacks, a new survey says. Conducted by Initiative Media, the study also says consumers are less accepting of companies that advertise on terrorist-themed shows.

Lins Leaves
After five years, Adlink’s marketing chief, Vicki Lins, is calling it quits to head back east and work with her old boss, Charlie Thurston. In her new post, she will handle marketing for the Comcast cable ad sales unit headed by Thurston.

Seidel Splits
Even when some of the big shops fled the Bay Area, Seidel O’Neil & Partners stayed the course. But now Howard Seidel and D.J. O’Neil say their differing priorities have prompted them to split into two agencies. They claim it’s the “first amicable split in the history of advertising.”

Vote of Confidence
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners continues its strong year as Hewlett-Packard, which is merging with Compaq, is retaining the shop as its lead branding agency. Although the relationship is essentially unchanged, sources said the decision was by no means a rubber stamp.

Next Course
Evans, Hardy & Young has picked up the Carrows restaurant account, sources said. The account was last at Kovel/Fuller, which said it resigned the business to take on Sizzler.

Money Well Spent
-What makes a good media plan? A big idea, but not neces-sarily big money.
-We look at 11 media plans that broke through the clutter with budgets ranging from less than $1 million to more than $25 million.
-Network TV, cable, radio, magazines, newspapers and interactive media were all used in creative ways to sell products and services.