Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek New England

House of Style
McCarthy Mambro Bertino gets cozy in its debut for Thomasville.

Account Balance
Mullen Scores Consolidated Wachovia
Wachovia’s selection of Mullen/LHC for its consolidated $60-75 million account maintains the agency’s winning streak. Now the shop must craft a national repositioning for the financial-services giant, formed by the merger of Wachovia Bank and First Union.

Red Alert
Red Advertising unveils ads for Canadian organic-beverage concern Internova, supporting the company’s first product, YU. Print links healthy lifestyles and sensual beauty, featuring women bathing in the soy- and rice-based products.

Is investment banking an art? It is, according to Via’s efforts for Adams, Harkness & Hill. Work seeks to dispel the stodgy image some have of the field and portrays the client as offering innovative solutions for corporations seeking consulting partners in a challenging economy.

Greater Gadsby
Boston law firm Gadsby Hannah hires Fort Franklin to give it a fresh voice in the region’s legal scene. The shop is looking to recast the low-profile client as a more potent player and is working on a successor to the current tagline, “Push the limit.”

Big Deal
Publicis Groupe’s agreement last week to acquire Chicago-based Bcom3 significantly enhances the French holding company’s ability to compete in the global marketplace

Morality Bites
In a Nike ad spoofing slasher films, a female athlete outruns an attacker with a chain saw. In a pro-choice spot, men decide whata woman should wear and drink. Both spots ran into trouble with network clearance departments. Who are the advertising censors, and how do they rankle ad agencies?
Joan Voight and Wendy Melillo report.