Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek Midwest

D’Arcy Adieu
Once the city’s cornerstone shop, D’Arcy shutters its original office in St. Louis.

Grey Matter
Shops Eye Print Production Ethics
A federal investigation targeting a former Grey executive and the print production community in general has agencies revisiting the issue of questionable ethical practices in those departments. Some shops are launching internal audits.

New Route
Chrysler plans to contact about two dozen agencies this week as it undertakes a review of its minority marketing assignments, estimated at $40-50 million. Executives indicated the automaker is looking for a more cohesive urban marketing strategy.

Outdoor Dining
Diners Club, which drastically cut its ad plan for the year, will break an outdoor-only campaign from Young & Rubicam’s direct unit, Wunderman. The ads, featured on billboards around airports in Chicago, Denver and New York, are themed, “Travel in good company.”

New Order
A group of former Leapnet creatives have started their own agency, The Royal Order. The shop, whose name is intended to suggest that of a labor union along with a bit of tongue-in-cheek pomp, has created a TV spot for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Get The Ice Cream
In Art + Commerce, two views on nesting with comfort food: Jennifer Comiteau on why she’s doing it, and Mike Shine of Butler, Shine & Stern on why people won’t be doing it for long.

Water World
Veryfine has drafted Modernista! to make a splash with its first national campaign, a print push for flavored-water drink Fruit2O.
Lisa van der Pool goes on location at an indoor swimming pool.

Plus: Nissan targets a male subculture with an animated short.
And Barbara Lippert finds nothing new about American Express’ new work.