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‘Tag,’ You’re It!
Wieden + Kennedy triumphs at Cannes with Nike’s “Tag.”

Tech Support
$60-80 Mil. Global Ricoh Biz to Lowe
Office-equipment marketer Ricoh is repositioning itself as a provider of “network technology solutions” and has selected Lowe for corporate-image duties. The New York office will handle the business, with help from Lowe & Partners/Standard in Tokyo.

Drug Counseling
A House subcommittee looking into the ineffectiveness of the White House’s anti-drug media campaign heard from BBDO’s Allen Rosenshine last week. He suggested that panels of industry experts advise the ONDCP and questioned recent ads that link terror and drugs.

Inside and Out
Campbell Mithun is said to be considering both internal and external candidates to replace John Hurst, its London-bound creative chief. At sister IPG shop McCann-Erickson, Hurst will oversee worldwide creative for General Mills, which is expanding its global presence.

Playing Defense
While most observers believe that questions about Omnicom’s business practices
will prove unfounded, seven lawsuits have now been filed against the holding company-charging it with “material misrepresentations” to shareholders-and its stock continues to languish.

A Bear for Bozell
Bozell’s print work for Datek may have won a silver Lion last week, but the online brokerage’s merger with Ameritrade will shift the account to Ogilvy
& Mather and could spur layoffs at Bozell.

People are Talking
Errol Morris prides himself on an ability to elicit frank conversation from his interview subjects, and that trademark technique is on high-profile display in new work for Apple and Cantor Fitzgerald.

Mallorre Dill talks to the director and documentarian (and ex-detective). In Critique: Coke ventures into the underworld.
Plus, Best Spots of May and Briefs.