Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek East

Jay Chiat
-Noreen O’Leary on his life and legacy.
-Barbara Lippert on the work.
-The first 20 years of Chiat/Day.

Favorite Son
Having just finished working for former client American Express, freelance creative director Gordon Bowen is back working with another: AT&T. The client has recruited Bowen to work with incumbent Y&R on new spots for its long-distance plan.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s funny but grisly TV commercials from Cliff Freeman and Partners might have been too dark for some viewers after Sept. 11. The shop’s new work for the brand is more light-hearted but just as bizarre-it features an evil head and an alien invasion.

Up For Bid
San Diego-based media broker Keen Eye International is expected to put up for bid $75 million-plus in media billings through a new concept it calls “Media All-Stars.” Talks are under way with several clients and media agencies to participate in the process.

Freedom Fund
For the first time in its 60-year history, the Ad Council is asking agencies and advertisers for money to fund a PSA effort. The industry group is looking to raise $3 million for a campaign against terrorism. An e-mail soliciting donations was sent to the heads of 6,200 agencies last week. Next up is a direct-mail campaign.

Style Counsel
Trey Laird, in-house creative chief at Donna Karan for nearly a decade, has made a career in fashion advertising. Now, after branching out on his own, can he help revive the Gap’s ailing brand? Ann M. Mack talks to the man behind New York’s newest agency.

-Plus, Aaron Baar previews Nikon’s first television appearance in eight years, a Fallon spot for the Coolpix camera.
-In Briefs: Beefcake is no match for Hellmann’s in Lowe’s first work for the mayo brand.