Stoli Vodka Takes TV Spot National

Stolichnaya wants to own “cold.” After a campaign that celebrated “little truths” found during a night out, the premium vodka brand has refined its positioning with an effort touting the fact that Stoli tastes best chilled.

After testing a TV ad last December, the company will start running it nationally this week and plans to increase its ad budget by 30 percent to about $9 million.

The “best chilled” campaign also includes print, out-of-home, bar events and elements addressing the gay and lesbian community. Publicis and Publicis Dialog, New York, handle the account.

The brand’s first-ever TV spot shows people in their homes suddenly realizing that their surroundings are frozen solid. The ad contains no dialogue, just reaction shots and the sound of ice cracking and music.

“It’s so easy to communicate, and consumers get it,” said John Dunleavy, svp, group account director at Publicis Dialog. “In a few years, whenever you see something frozen or chilled, we want you to think of Stoli.”

Allied Domecq bought the brand in 2001. Since then, it has been researching how the target 21- to 29-year-olds relate to vodka brands.

“They were looking for a true, authentic product and any research we’ve done says true vodka is Russian,” said Joanne Kletecka, brand director at Stoli. She added that AD is boosting the brand’s budget because “we really believe in this campaign.”