Still Telling Fla. Teens the ‘Truth’

Incumbent Defends Anti-Smoking Account
ATLANTA–For the second time this year, Crispin Porter & Bogusky has successfully defended the Florida Department of Health’s anti-smoking account.
The Miami shop was reassigned the $19 million, 18-month contract to continue its “Truth” campaign. State statistics show that in the two years CP&B has held the account, Florida teens’ smoking has been reduced 54 percent in middle schools and 24 percent in high schools.
“We are going to continue with the ‘Truth’ brand, but we’re going to wipe the slate clean and start over,” said Jeff Hicks, CP&B’s president. “Every day things change. Last week, Philip Morris suspended magazine advertising in certain outlets, one of Florida’s first demands . . . We’re adjusting all the time.”
SiboneyUSA, Miami, also vied for the account.
The result of last February’s review was thrown out after the client declared the process “tainted,” following complaints from Miami agency BVK/Meka. Last month, BVK/Meka and CP&B established a partnership to pitch the account.
Hicks said he was encouraged by the state’s continuing support for anti-smoking initiatives, indicated by the legislature’s new funding matching the figure recommended by the DOH. K