Still a Man’s World

Women far outnumber men in college enrollment these days. And reports suggest the gender skew of layoffs in the current recession means women could soon outnumber men in the employed workforce. But a belief persists that society is rigged in men’s favor.

A CBS News/New York Times poll last month asked respondents whether they think there are advantages in our society today in being a man or in being a woman — or whether there’s no advantage in being one rather than the other. While a narrow majority (52 percent) saw no advantage either way, those seeing an edge in being a man vastly outnumbered those seeing one in being a woman (40 percent vs. 6 percent).

The numbers differ little from those of a CBS poll conducted 20 years ago, when 45 percent of respondents said there’s an advantage in being a man and 6 percent said there’s an edge in being a woman.