still famous

Prints of Andy Warhol’s famous self-portrait and two other notable works (“Chairman Mao,” “Silver Liz”) will soon be draped from streetlamps through out Los Angeles to call attention to an upcoming Warhol exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

While “pole banner” ads are nothing new, the idea of contemporary art gracing the streets of L.A. is particularly pleasing to the man who spearheaded the project. Cliff Einstein, chairman and corporate creative director for Dailey & Associates in West Hollywood, is a serious collector of contemporary art and has been a member of MOCA’s board for eight years.

“This is a very important exhibit of Warhol’s work that has been shown in Berlin and London,” said Einstein. “MOCA will be the only venue in the U.S. where it will be seen.”

He added that the extensive use of outdoor generates word of mouth. “That’s perfect for the Warhol experience,” he said.

The exhibition will run from May 25 to Aug. 18.

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