stay away from the light

The American Academy of Dermatology has a message for young people: Protect yourself from the sun now or you’re look old fast.

To drive home the point, a new public-service campaign has the heads of smiling senior citizens pasted on the bodies of young people.

“We want to reach young people as early as possible,” said Donna Stein, client director of communications. “Teens feel invincible, and this is a good way to let them know the damage they may be doing.”

The work, which was created pro bono by Publicis in Mid-America, was distributed to more then 5,000 newspapers and magazines nationwide in the hope that it will be published as a public-service announcement.

If further evidence is needed about the importance of a youthful appearance, consider this: The older people volunteered to have their photos snapped, while the youthful models had to be paid.