Spring is coming. And in case you’re not convinced, new spots breaking today for the Toro Recycler II lawnmower offer a reminder to start thinking about the green stuff still buried under all that snow.
The mower, Toro’s major launch for 1993, is an improved version of mulcher mowers popular in the 1970s. Unlike older mulcher mowers, which left behind unsightly clumps of cut grass, the Recycler leaves your lawn looking like the clippings were just bagged, but there’s no bag.
A 30-second spot, ‘Town Meeting,’ features a group of indignant citizens who have gathered at a town hall to complain about a new guy in town that’s using a dreaded mulcher mower. One citizen pipes up ‘Why can’t he get a Toro Recycler Mower like the rest of us?’
The 15-second spot notes that the only thing the Recycler mower leaves behind is most mulching mowers.
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