Starr Quality

Move over, President Clinton. It’s independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s turn to be skewered in an ad.
Exhibit 1: DiNoto Lee’s first print ad for the New York Comedy Film Festival (shown here). It features a head-and-shoulders shot of a taciturn Starr with the headline, “Save the humorless.”
The copy at bottom explains, “Help those who can’t find the laughter in life. Bring them to the New York Comedy Film Festival.” The ad breaks the week of Oct. 12 in The New York Times and in the November Spin.
“His failure to see the laughter in life–that’s what drew us to him,” agency partner Greg DiNoto explained.
In other Starr news last week, the prosecutor named Young & Rubicam Inc. chairman and chief executive Peter Georgescu in his report.
A section on Washington lawyer Vernon Jordan’s efforts to find a job for Monica Lewinsky notes that on Dec. 11, 1997, Jordan called Georgescu.
A week later, Lewinsky was interviewed at Y&R’s public relations unit, Burson-Marsteller. She was not offered a job. –Andrew McMains