Staples, Legal To Place Ads On Receipts

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–Two major retailers have snapped up advertising space on the receipts handed to motorists on the Massachusetts Turnpike and Boston Harbor tunnels.

Russel Pergament recently launched Travelers Marketing, a Wellesley division of Affiliated Investment, to sell advertising space on tickets and receipts handed out by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the Massachusetts Port Authority.

Staples and Legal Sea Foods are the first advertisers to sign up for a six-month trial run, scheduled to start no later than August and extending through January.

Framingham, Mass.-based Staples paid $143,000 to post its ads on the Massachusetts Turnpike’s receipts, while Legal Sea Foods is paying $15,000 to leave its mark on receipts from the Callahan, Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels, which lead to Logan International Airport.

The advertisers’ purchase includes two-color printing and materials distribution. The advertisers will provide camera-ready art.

Coupons will be printed not on the back but along the side of the receipts, which will be doubled in length, Pergament said.

‘We’ll make them twice as long so you can keep the coupon and turn the receipt in to the bookkeeper,’ Pergament explained.

He estimated the cost of the ticket program to an advertiser would run $350,000-360,000 for six months.

With 16 million, or half, of the year’s receipts already sold to Staples and Legal Seafoods, Pergament is now turning his efforts to selling space on tickets.

‘Tickets are like billboards,’ he said. ‘They’re immediate; you see them, touch them, look at them for a a brief powerful message.’

Pergament intends to target banks, coffee outfits, bagel and donut shops, as well as radio stations. ‘Anybody with the need to get a new name established in the marketplace would be perfect,’ Pergament said.

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