Stanley Campaign Shows Men at Work

BOSTON Keiler & Co. targets light industrial companies in a print push for the Blackhawk by Proto line of tools from longtime client The Stanley Works.

The monochrome campaign features photos of men working hard with the Blackhawk products. Headlines such as “Wives leave. Trucks break down. These tools are forever” and “Some days a good wrench is the only friend a man’s got” are employed.

Though the Blackhawk name has been in the market for some time, the campaign represents an effort to reposition the brand in the broader industrial channel and strengthen its image in the automotive market, according to a representative for the Farmington, Conn., agency.

Ads will run in Aftermarket Business, Industrial Equipment News, New Equipment Digest and elsewhere.

Paul Kingsford served as creative and art director on the campaign, working with Carol Montanaro (art) and Sean Benton (copy).

The client in New Britain, Conn., has been a Keiler client for 25 years.