St. Lucia Begins Campaign in Atlanta

ATLANTA The St. Lucia Tourist Board said it would launch its largest U.S. advertising effort next month in Atlanta with television, radio, print and outdoor work.

The effort includes a new logo and tagline. The previous logo spelled St. Lucia in blue script on a white background with a stylized palm frond and the “Simply beautiful” tagline. The redesigned logo is dominated by the new tag, “You are so beautiful,” with a hibiscus flower in the middle of the phrase.

The Backroom Agency of Toronto created the campaign.

St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands of the West Indies’ Lesser Antilles, launched the campaign in Atlanta in conjunction with Delta Air Lines announcement last week that it would expand its number of direct weekly flights to the island to five from three.

The work includes a series of 15- and 30-second television spots that will run on cable networks including A&E, Bravo, CNN, Discovery and the Food Network; several 60-second radio ads; four billboards in the Atlanta area; and print ads in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Travel Agency and Travel Weekly.

The ads focus on the island’s natural attractions, such as the Piton Mountains, which were named a World Heritage site by the United Nations, the island’s tropical rain forest, its coastal fishing villages, its five-star hotels and the marketplace in its capital city, Castries.

“We are proud to introduce this ambitious and creative advertising program that positions the island as a top-of-mind destination for travelers in the North American market,” said Philip J. Pierre, the island’s minister of commerce, tourism, investment and consumer affairs. “The campaign will distinguish St. Lucia from other Caribbean destinations by highlighting the island’s beauty, people and culture.”

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.