SS+K Amplifies Road Runner’s Message

NEW YORK Road Runner will launch an estimated $15 million television campaign next week that is intended to inspire dial-up users to upgrade their online lives with its broadband service.

The campaign is the second by New York shop SS+K for Road Runner that uses the tagline, “Your world is always on.” This year’s three-spot effort supplements that message by telling Internet users that they can “Know more. Do more. Win at life” with broadband access.

“Last year we were just trying to get across the idea broadband makes your life better,” said SS+K creative partner Marty Cooke. “This year, we amplified that notion to say that you’re a winner when you’ve got Road Runner.

In the first of three 30-second spots directed by Frank Todaro, a man triumphantly mounts his collection’s missing baseball card on the wall as his friends look on in suspense. When the framed card is hung, he turns around to enjoy the cheering and high-fiving congratulations of his pals. The screen then cuts to our hero at his computer, entering the winning bid for the card on eBay.

In other spots, a girl presents a grade-A science project to the envy of her classmates, courtesy of high-speed research provided by Road Runner, and an airplane traveler gloats over his low fare while walking to his seat after finding the price online.

Last year’s work showed the brand’s cartoon icon racing through varied environments, representing how Road Runner users managed to save time and grab better deals than their dial-up counterparts.

“We want to make sure that people don’t feel high-speed access is a luxury. We want people to feel high-speed access is a necessity,” Cooke said. “That’s why we chose really practical applications, like buying tickets.”

The spots will run based on Time Warner’s cross-channel availability, and are scheduled to rotate throughout the year, an agency representative said. The campaign will also include print, radio and outdoor advertising, Cooke said.

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