S.R. Weiner Ads Stress Values

Family values are on display in the latest TV campaign for shopping mall developer S.R. Weiner.

Introducing the tagline, “You’ll feel good inside,” the effort from Veduccio & Partners, Boston, strives to inform consumers that the client’s malls maintain traditional values and a commitment to making life a little easier.

One spot opens with an older woman and her granddaughter looking at pictures on a computer screen. An electrical storm knocks out the power, so they begin leafing through a photo album. “Remember when memories weren’t measured in megabytes? So do we,” states a voiceover. A second spot shows a family leaving for a vacation. They decide against leaving their dog at a kennel, so their son won’t be sad. A voiceover concludes: “Remember whenthe right thing to do was the only thing to do? So do we.”

Boston public relations executive Sally Jackson, who recently sold Jackson & Co. to Clarke & Co., provided the voiceover for the spots, which are slated to run through the remainder of the year, supporting S.R. Weiner malls in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Russ Veduccio is credited as both creative director and art director.