Sprint Reveals ‘Manning’s Mind’

NEW YORK Even as he takes the field tonight to help usher in the 2007 NFL season, Peyton Manning will star in a TV spot from Sprint that breaks during the game on NBC when the New Orleans Saints visit the defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts quarterback will illustrate how Sprint’s products rapidly provide options for consumers to help them make precise and accurate decisions.

The spot, “Manning’s Mind,” via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, tracks Manning’s thought process in the three seconds before the football is snapped and he has to make a play.

We see several Salvador Dali-type scenarios, including Manning walking through a house and encountering dozens of mini-Manning’s, defensive end Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins racing down a hallway breaking lights and doors as he tries to reach Manning and Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison swimming in a large tank of water surrounded by dolphins. Ultimately, Manning is brought back to reality to complete a play on the field.

Support includes print directing people to a Web site, Manning’s Mind.com, which features a football trivia game pitting consumers against Manning. Sample question: “Jason Elam’s 63-yard field goal in 1998 tied whose career record: Tom Dempsey, Mark Moseley, Wade Tollison?” A correct answer (Dempsey) may get the visitor a response from Manning such as, “Not bad for a rookie. I’ll be waiting for you.” A wrong answer, or taking too much time, would have Manning reply, “You’re going to have to be faster than that.”

Sprint spent $1.2 billion on media in 2006 and $590 million January-May 2007, per TNS Media Intelligence.