Spring a Time of Travel for Fallon

Minneapolis Shop Extends Campaigns for Airline, Lodging Clients
By Aaron Baar
CHICAGO–Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis targets travelers in new extensions of its campaigns for United Airlines and Holiday Inn Express.
Two spots for Holiday Inn Express continue the humorous “Stay smart” theme begun last year in the chain’s first branding campaign. That effort featured people whose stay at a Holiday Inn Express has made them feel much wiser, and they deliver advice on such obscure subjects as engineering and wild animal behavior.
This time, the hotel chain leaves one character feeling qualified to serve as a surgeon, and the other a parachute instructor.
The new ads begin seriously, leading to a greater comic payoff, said agency co-president and creative director David Lubars. In the earlier spots, he said, “You understood you were going to be let in on a joke.”
The value-priced lodging division of Atlanta-based Holiday Hospitality Corp. is expected to spend $7 million on its campaign this year. It spent $4 million last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
Separately, Fallon last week broke a campaign touting United’s new hub in Los Angeles and expanded service in Washington, D.C.
Spots for the L.A. hub have a similar elegant look and feel as United’s national brand campaign, but with an L.A. flavor, Lubars said.
The scenes in one spot, “Director,” are seen through the frame of an aspiring director’s hands as he lines up shots in a diner. The ad ends with him framing a United plane in the window and the tagline, “United is rising (in L.A.).”
“The idea was to say, ‘We’re here and it’s important to us,'” Lubars said.
A $2 million print campaign highlights the carrier’s increased service out of Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. Its ads feature headlines such as, “Announcing a major shift in domestic policy.”