A Spouse, Some Kids And a Ton of Money

Apparently teenagers don’t think family life is hopelessly dull. When a poll by Mediamark Research Inc. asked teens to identify their goals, “enjoy life” pulled the most votes, at 86 percent. The youngsters must not think fun is incompatible with domestic obligations, though, as getting married (cited by 78 percent) and having children (72 percent) were also conspicuous among their goals. Given these familial intentions, it stands to reason that 81 percent hope someday to buy a house. Elsewhere on the list, 80 percent said they want to be “successful,” and 73 percent said they want to “make a lot of money.” That would help them retire early—a goal cited by 32 percent. (Who said teenagers don’t plan ahead?) Most of them seem to believe they can make their money without climbing the corporate ladder: Just 17 percent said one of their goals is to “go into the corporate world.” By contrast, 32 percent want to own their own business. If they end up becoming anonymously wealthy, that’s fine, since only 29 percent listed fame among their goals.