Spots Imitate Film For Video Release

G&M Plumbing enlists actors to reprise roles for campaign

Three TV spots supporting the video and DVD release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding will show the parents of the bride fussing over the video the same way they did the wedding in the film.

In an unusual approach for video promotions, the ads, by G&M Plumbing, Santa Monica, Calif., do not use clips from the film. Instead, actors Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan revive their comic roles as overbearing parents tending to every wedding detail.

“This is such a popular movie, we felt anyone who has seen it will appreciate the parents coming back, and that anyone who hasn’t is at least familiar with the characters,” said Greg Hill, G&M account “foreman.” “We thought this was a good way to build on the familiarity.”

The campaign, set to break just before the Feb. 11 HBO Video release, is budgeted at $3-5 million, sources said. Omnicom media shop OMD is handling the buy.

In one execution, the parents approach a man in a video store to cajole him into picking up a copy of the film. When he complies, they begin a celebratory Greek dance.

Another spot has the parents helping the video store create a more elaborate display for the title by using video boxes to erect a small replica of the Parthenon.

Cynthia Rhea, svp of HBO Video, said the work touts the video as separate from the film, which is still playing in theaters. It is unusual that the filmmakers and actors signed off on the concept, she noted.