Spot TV Excitement Remains in the Future

NEW YORK – The spot market remains less than a scintillating example of entrepreneurial elan. June is soft, and 3rd QTR is ‘a piece of cake,’ said one buyer. ‘If you play hardball, they cave,’ she continues, referring to the few reps who even try to stand up to tough demands. As automotive makes the transition into 3rd QTR, that category, which has been driving the spot market this spring, may moderate spending, says one rep. Jeep continues to spend in the market as it battles against other sport utilities. But if auto production increases, spending could go back up in the 4th QTR. Especially look to Chevrolet to spend on its ST10 pickup and the Geo Storm. Fast-food spending is up. The telcos are spreading cash around the country, especially on the West Coast. Procter & Gamble is not expected to up spending in the 3rd QTR.
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