The Spot: Sony's Inner Child

How McCann's new global Xperia ad, directed by Wes Anderson, sprang from the mind of an 8-year-old

IDEA: To relaunch Sony Ericsson globally as Sony Mobile, McCann Worldgroup chose the theme "Made of Imagination." The point was to emphasize that Sony Xperia phones are designed imaginatively and allow their users to be imaginative, too. The agency knew it had to walk the walk where the new brand promise was concerned. "If we're going to stand for imagination in terms of the products, we have to make sure the advertising is just as imaginative," said Tom Murphy, executive creative director at McCann. For the launch spot, copywriter Ryan Montanti and art director Richard Kluver had the fanciful idea of commissioning scripts from the most imaginative people of all—children. The agency hired Wes Anderson, one of Hollywood's most visually inventive directors (and whose best-loved film, Rushmore, happens to be about a precocious child), to bring one delightful script to life for the 60-second launch spot.