The Spot: A Mini Masterpiece

An epic two-minute cinema ad springs from six words written by a fan of the auto brand

GENESIS: Mini's whole marketing goal is to get butts in seats for test drives, since people who drive one tend to buy one. As part of the Mini Coupe launch, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners asked people online to describe the best test drive they could imagine—in just six words—and promised to use the winning entry as the plot for a two-minute ad, starring the winner. (The agency was inspired by, and partnered with, Larry Smith and his Six-Word Memoir project.) In the end, Mathew Foster won with his intriguing entry: "Stewardess. Salt flats. Sushi. Paratroopers. Falconer." Then, director Erich Joiner brought Foster's words to life in an epic spot that's wild, energetic, surreal and fun-loving—and has something of a twist ending.