The Spot: Lost in the Supermarket

Colenso BBDO transcends traditional grocery-store advertising for New World

IDEA: New World, a New Zealand supermarket chain, recently established a national marketing team, replacing a regional model, and wanted new ads that would live up to the feeling of enchantment in the brand's name. "They wanted a contemporary campaign that made consumers take notice, re-evaluate the brand and love it," said Steve Cochran, executive creative director at Colenso BBDO in Auckland. The result is three 60-second spots—artful, energetic and fun—that position the chain almost as a lifestyle brand, with heartwarming, light-as-a-feather stories about life, not commerce. Food sustains life, after all, so the campaign is about the freshness of both, embodied by the tagline, "Every day a New World." That theme "can speak to seasonal and freshly delivered food or newly made produce," said Cochran. "But bigger than that, it also alludes to the fact that every day is full of possibility."