SpikeDDB Wins Portion of Royal Caribbean

NEW YORK Royal Caribbean International has awarded its African American marketing account to SpikeDDB following a review, according to the agency.

The New York agency, which overcame two undisclosed finalists, will handle all marketing communications targeting the African American community for Royal Caribbean, including research, creative, media, interactive and public relations.

SpikeDDB will focus on reaching African American travelers who are adventurous, like to explore new places, and who want to do, see and experience more on their vacation.

“We thought that strategy would resonate with the audience, but for African Americans it was more about learning different cultures. Trying new foods, experiencing the travel environment as the locals do, as opposed to rock climbing,” said Dana Wade, agency president.

Mainstream ads by Havas’ Arnold in Boston show travelers participating in active sports like rock climbing and glacier hiking. “It’s a little bit more cerebral” for SpikeDDB’s audience, said Wade.

The integrated campaign is due to launch in early spring 2005 and will complement the cruise line’s “Get out there” effort that began in 2000. The focus will likely be in print, Wade said.