Spike TV/Dunkin’ Donuts “Baby”

Former college football coach and sportscaster Barry Switzer stars in a cross-promotional campaign for Spike TV (touting reality show Pros vs. Joes) and Dunkin’ Donuts. Boy, does he do a good job playing the eccentric, fumbling coach. In one spot, he addresses a women’s lacrosse team and calls them “gentlemen.” In another, he gives a “15-minutes-to-kickoff” call to a scraggly looking swimming squad. He even encourages a chess player. In the commercial shown here, Switzer accosts two young men, jumping out in front of them from behind a tree. He carries a football dressed as a baby in his hands. “You gotta protect the rock,” he tells the confused friends, who sip Dunkin’ ice coffees. “I want you to carry Petunia with you everywhere you go until ball protection becomes a maternal instinct,” he says. As Switzer slams the ball from the hands of one of the befuddled guys, he cries: “Loose baby! Loose baby!” Not sure how all this fits in to the Spike show, but his performances are worth the watch. Funny stuff. –Eleftheria Parpis