It may not be the most well-run company. But if it were, Spark Sauce’s hot sauces probably just wouldn’t be as good.

This idea is presented in a new campaign for the Tucson, Ariz., client’s Molten Rush and Thermal Bliss hot sauces, by McClain Finlon Advertising in Denver. Three print ads poke fun at the company’s supposedly convoluted management structure, indicating this experience helps it create such “complex” sauces.

One ad proclaims, “We’ve recently streamlined our Executive Management Committee into three global teams. We then subdivided each team into a team of its own, creating four dozen micro teams, each powerless in its own unique way.” Under the copy are the images of three frazzled executives.

Each ad notes that while many companies make “simplistic sauces” that just scorch, Spark Sauce carefully selects its ingredients to make sauces one can savor. The tagline: “It takes a complex company to make a complex sauce.”

“We kind of wanted the ‘Huh?’ factor a little bit,” said art director Steve Whittier.

Ads broke last week in Southwest regional magazines and news weeklies, among others. The effort also includes direct mail.