Special K Says ‘Help Yourself’

CHICAGO Kellogg Co. is scheduled to break a new television campaign for its Special K with berries cereal next week with the tagline, “Help yourself.”

The first spot in the effort shows a woman at a bus stop with a soundtrack of her thoughts. “If manufacturers could get [dresses] they could cut it for a size 12, but put a size six label on it. They’d sell so many more,” says the voiceover. She then wonders where the bus is and expresses regret for stopping at the donut shop. When a biker passes her on the road, she thinks, “I could have calves like that. I have a treadmill … somewhere.”

The commercial ends with onscreen text, “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” before a glorious product shot and the tagline.

The creative team from Leo Burnett, Chicago, on the spot was creative directors Stephanie Crippen, copywriter, and Reed Collins, art director. The ad was directed by Tom Carty of London production company Gorgeous. Spending for the campaign was not disclosed.