southern Comfort

What’s the perfect beverage for a relaxed Southern man? How about iced tea with a kick.
Pagano Schenck & Kay this week bows its first work for Boston Beer, a radio campaign for a new brew called BoDean’s Twisted Tea. It’s a malt- and tea-based beverage being touted as a refreshing drink with a Southern kick.
Three 60-second radio commercials were written by David Register and designed to give the brand a cool image and some mystique. BoDean, the brew’s fictional namesake, seeks out the perfect moment from a rocking chair on a front porch.
In one execution, BoDean says, “Give me a porch swing,” and the sound of a Swinging chair is heard. Then, “Give me vintage ’57 Chevy in the front yard that my brother Hank is working on.” The sound of a rumbling engine. “Give me an old yellow dog, sleeping at my feet.” The sound of dog passes gas. “Dang! Give me a nice girl sitting here with her arm around me.”
The spot concludes with an announcer declaring that, “Even if you don’t have the perfect southern setting, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perfect southern drink.”
The sound effect of the flatulent dog was an
original creation of Tom Clack of Clack Sound Studios in New York.
–Judy Warne