South Carolina Marriott Hotel Project Looking for a Few Good Journalism Ideas

Rising up where The Greenville News used to be

A rooftop bar called The Press Box? How about various historical front pages honoring the 143-year-old daily, displayed in the lobby or a hallway of a hotel scheduled to be completed in late 2019?

Per a front-page story in today’s editions, these are just some of the early thoughts being floated about how an AC Hotel set to rise up where the original headquarters for The Greenville News once stood can honor the legacy of its predecessor. On the overall four-acre Camperdown campus, newspaper staff already occupy a gleaming new four-story glass tower:

[Developer DJ] Rama said he wants to build a hotel space that celebrates the legacy of journalism in his hometown. He and a team of New York City-based designers met with Greenville News staff on Wednesday to discuss how the hotel could display newspaper artifacts and the front pages of key moments in Greenville history.

The team welcomes submissions from the public, said Heather Meadors, director of community relations for JHM Hotels. “I remember visiting the Greenville News when I was in school,” Meadors said.

So here’s your chance, whether you are an S.C. native or simply a fan of boutique journalism-hotels. As mentioned in the article, Meadors can be reached via email through: hmeadors at jhmhotels-dot-com. The associated architecture firm, Stonehill & Taylor, previously designed the Press Hotel in Portland, Maine.

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