At the Source of Florida’s Natural

How fresh is Florida’s Natural orange juice?

WestWayne answers that question—”As close to the grove as you can get—in its new campaign for the Lake Wales, Fla., growers’ co-op.

Two 30-second television spots set in a supermarket literally transport a consumer and a stockboy into a Florida orange grove, where workers hand over cartons of juice.

“This campaign,” said account director Syl Harris, “reflects the evolving relationship between the growers and the consumer.”

The ads broke last week on national cable venues such as A&E, The Food Network, Lifetime and TNT.

In “Reach,” a mother is grocery shopping with a boy. She extends her arm to the back of a shelf to grab a carton of juice. From the other side, a grower in a sunlit grove hands her the juice. “Only our personal best goes into every carton,” says a voiceover.

“Stockboy” builds humor into its vignette. A clerk heads down a store aisle with a hand truck, pauses to grab a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, then passes through double doors into the orange grove.

A print component, also featuring the grower-to-consumer theme, is appearing in more than two dozen publications, including Better Homes and Gardens, Cooking Light, Family Life and Southern Living.

Bruce Behrens was the copywriter, Chuck Mumah served as art director and Thor Freudenthal of Slo Graffiti in Los Angeles directed.