SoulCycle Welcomes All Souls With Colorful Pride Marketing Campaign

Brand celebrates LGBTQ+ community with hand-painted murals, films and more

“All Souls Welcome” kicked off at the start of June to highlight the studio’s LGBTQ+ community of riders and instructors. SoulCycle
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SoulCycle has always pushed a message of openness, welcoming anyone who walks through those studio doors to participate in a spin class. Now, the brand is showcasing that message through a major marketing campaign timed to Pride month, and it’s bright, colorful and incredibly inclusive.

“All Souls Welcome” kicked off at the start of June to highlight the studio’s LGBTQ+ community of riders and instructors. The campaign includes a series of videos featuring six SoulCycle instructors embodying the spirit of the brand and Pride Month. The peer-selected instructors all identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Creative director Roxana Zegan said that SoulCycle is “an inclusive company all year long.”

“That’s why we call our studio the ‘sanctuary’ because it’s a safe space for you to be yourself—no matter who that is,” Zegan continued, adding that the campaign’s authenticity is “so important to us, because we want to celebrate the real LGBTQ+ humans that fearlessly make this brand what it is.”

“The message is this: You are not alone, your soul is worth something, and you’re welcome here,” she added.

The brand worked closely with Colossal Media to create a series of hand-painted murals of the selected instructors. Outdoor work will pop up in three NYC and Brooklyn locations, as well as in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The hand-painted aspect of the billboards is meant to create an experience that feels “more human, more tangible and more real, but in a high-end way,” according to Zegan.

“There’s something very emotive about being able to touch and see a painting of something on your walk to work rather than an image on a screen,” she said.

SoulCycle will also be giving back with the latest campaign: Riders have the opportunity to purchase a 10-pack of classes, called the Pride Pack. The brand will donate 5 percent of each purchased package—up to $50,000—to the Trevor Project. Plus, for every 10-pack the brand sells, it will give one free class to a Trevor Project volunteer.

“We believe in the power of positive vibes, and we want to be a powerful force for good in our communities,” Zegan added. “We hope that this campaign serves as a beacon for anyone struggling to find or define themselves. We hope that it encourages others to join the conversation and to challenge their own ideas about what Pride means.”

You can view all six videos here.

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