SoulCycle’s Offices Match the Soulful Vibes of Its Studios

There are no black Nikes issued at the door, no Kool-Aid-filled water bottles. But SoulCycle does boast a particularly cult-like following, and one that cannot be ignored. With rabid fans ranging from Hollywood's A-list to that obsessed colleague in your office, SoulCycle's spin classes are to 2015 what step aerobics were to 1985.

The company's 20,000-square-foot headquarters in New York's Greenwich Village, which houses 160 employees, was the creation of co-founder and co-CEO Elizabeth Cutler and design vp Alan Cooke. The space echoes the company's studios: sleek and clean, with a base canvas of white furniture. (The space is designed to be not only a corporate office but also a SoulCycle hub.) "We are bringing SoulCycle to the people and helping our rider find joy in movement," said PR and brand strategy vp Gabby Cohen. "Our offices are a space where our employees find joy and movement in everything they do."



Design vp Alan Cooke’s office is in keeping with the brand’s chic look.


Rock Out

The skulls in co-CEO Julie Rice’s office call out inner rock stars.


Executive Soul

The theme of a mural in the boardroom reflects the company’s unofficial mantra, “Find your soul,” which, as Cohen explained, “can mean different things to different people. We want riders to find the best version of themselves on the bike.”


Always Improving

SoulCycle’s distinctive employee training room.


Technicolor Soul Clothes

The retail room is where the design team dreams up new products for SoulCycle’s retail line. The photos on the wall display current and future lines as well as provide inspiration for designers.