Sony’s Vogt Touts Long-Term Alliances

SAN FRANCISCO “It’s sort of like the Internet is back,” Sony Electronics svp and senior general manager Patrick Vogt told a roomful of online advertising executives this morning here at Ad:Tech. But “did the Internet ever leave? Did it cause the dot-com bust?” he asked.

Answering his own question, Vogt said, “It was not the Internet that caused the bust, it was poor business planning, poor business plans.” And while everything is moving at “a hundred miles an hour,” as it did during the boom, today’s environment is “focused and sober.”

The keynote address kicked off the third and final day of Ad:Tech, which attracted more then 4,000 attendees, up 30 percent over last year.

Vogt advised clients to put systems in place that will allow their agencies to perform to their maximum level. For instance, Sony is developing a scorecard that will evaluate its agencies based on several different factors, including creative and results. The shops will be able to go online to gauge their performance, as well as that of their peers. “You get a nice competition here,” said Vogt.

But “it’s not just about scoring,” he said. “It’s about a stronger relationships, more strategic relationships and long-term relationships.”

Sony also has an online repository of style guidelines, which allows its five agencies to be consistent across e-catalogs, in-store materials, online, broadcast and print ads and other forms of communications. Sony works with Digitas, Young & Rubicam, Digital Impact, Sapient and Idea Integration for direct marketing, general advertising, e-mail marketing, platform development and Web advertising, respectively.