Sony Takes a Slapstick Approach

NEW YORK Pledging not to take itself too seriously, Sony this week broke new ads designed to make consumers feel good about the brand.

In the past, Sony put the technology first—but these spots break that mold. With the help of new agency BBDO in New York, the consumer electronics giant is now trying to put the consumer first using a more humorous tack.

“We want to appeal to a broader audience,” said Stuart Redsun, svp, corporate marketing at Sony Electronics in San Diego “We want to have a little fun. This way if the consumer isn’t looking for the product [that’s advertised], they’ll still have a good feeling about Sony.”

The first two spots for Cyber-shot cameras illustrate what happens if you have a camera that doesn’t have Sony’s face detection technology. Notably you get pictures of a stop sign and a horse’s ass.

The third spot shows a grown man being bathed in the kitchen sink as his parents try to recreate the moments they lost using a high-definition Handycam. Ads broke April 2. Radio, print, outdoor, point of purchase and a tie-in with the upcoming Spider-Man 3 support. The “” tagline remains.

Sony spent $120 million in U.S. measured media last year, down 13 percent from 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Redsun said the spend this year “will feel much bigger because we’re taking a more unified approach. We’re looking at Sony as one brand versus a bunch of different ones.”