Sonos Presents the ‘Silent Home’ as a Relationship Killer and Its Speakers as the Solution

Lively new spot from Anomaly

Sonos has a new 90-second spot from Anomaly.

Sonos believes silence is a problem and that its speakers can fix it. At least that’s the narrative of a new 90-second spot from Anomaly in New York that dramatically changes tone—from lackluster to almost overly energetic—when Sonos’ speakers enter the picture.

The ad, directed by Derek Cianfrance, the indie film director whose spot for Michelob Ultra ran during the Super Bowl, tries to show how important music is to relationships, whether familial, friendly or romantic.

In another time, it was fair to say that silence was golden,” wrote Cianfrance in his treatment for the ad, which was sent to Adweek by Sonos’ chief marketing officer Joy Howard. “Modern life was noisier than ever, jamming people together more densely in ever-smaller spaces. In reaction, technology expanded our personal bubble. Our devices now make us islands in the sea of humanity. Increasingly, we share space but remain isolated from everyone around us.” 

Cianfrance continued: “Our tech bubbles have now so completely subsumed us that we bring them home. We can’t leave them at the door. Families, which through time gathered around the fire, the piano, the record player, the radio, or the TV sharing the noise of life, now sit in the silent bubble of personal screens and ear buds.”

“I think the silent home is a serious problem, and we wanted to get peoples’ attention and wake them up to it,” explained Howard. “What we’ve found about the silent home is that a lot of people have slipped into it without realizing it. We wanted to wake people to the fact that it’s not a great idea to have a home that doesn’t have music in it.”

Sonos has data to back up that claim. According to a study the company conducted, people who listen to music out loud spend more time together and are more affectionate.

With the ad the company wanted to showcase “the spirit of the younger self,” said Dmitri Siegel, global brand vp for Sonos. “We liked the idea of a younger person waking up their parents, waking up an older version of themselves, that character and the action that she takes [that’s] obviously a metaphor but we liked that idea of your younger self calling out to you and reminding you to enjoy your life, connect with people, listen to each other and listen to music.”