Sonicare Makes a Clean Break

Brushes Convention Aside With Goodby’s Tooth Fairy Campaign
SAN FRANCISCO –Goodby, Silverstein & Partners introduces a gruff, no-nonsense tooth fairy in its first campaign for Optiva’s Sonicare toothbrush.
Slated to break on spot TV this week, the campaign is backed with $10 million over a three-month period, making it the company’s most ambitious ad effort to date.
“We want to get attention for our product among people who are serious about their teeth,” said Jane Mueller, director of consumer marketing at the company. “We want them to rethink how they brush their teeth and show them we have better tools.”
The two TV spots were created by copywriter Mimi Cook and art director Kevin Kehoe, who both joined the San Francisco agency several months ago from crosstown shop Publicis
& Hal Riney, where they were known for their work on Saturn and PBS.
“We had to stir up the category. So we took the tooth fairy, a character everyone thinks they know, and made a hard right turn, ” said Kehoe.
The fairy in the ads is a stocky middle-aged man with a blunt manner who acts like Joe Friday from Dragnet, except he sports wings and is dressed in tights and a white tutu.
In the ads, he interrupts people at home and work to warn them that while they brush often, they still miss areas between their teeth. The ads then cut to a product shot and description of product features and close with an offbeat shot of the fairy. There is no tagline.
“It was a brave move for a company that sees itself as warm, sensitive and caring to go with such a nontraditional approach,” said Cook.