Sonicare Brand In Play as GMO, Optiva Split

Optiva Corp., maker of the Sonicare toothbrush, and agency Goldberg Moser O’Neill have mutually parted ways after three years together. The client has put its estimated $11 million account into review, and is talking with several shops in California.
“We have a handful of finalists already, and we plan on selecting our new agency by the end of February,” said Eric Meyer, vice president of marketing at Optiva, Bellevue, Wash. “We’re looking for an agency that can produce insight-driven creative that cuts through the clutter, and that understands the mind of the dental professional that recommends our product.”
Optiva seeks an agency with direct response capabilities and a West Coast location, Meyer said.
Sources said GMO’s decision to part with Optiva is part of an effort to “clean house” and let go of clients it feels hinder its efforts to make a mark on the “national creative map.” The San Francisco agency recently dropped a few other accounts, including Nature’s Recipe and Symantec Corp., sources said.
GMO’s most recent work for Optiva is an estimated $4 million campaign that broke in December. The first of several 30-second TV spots is airing on national cable and network channels, and features images of the Sonicare toothbrush set to music.
Separately, GMO has won the estimated $15-20 million account of entertainment software developer and publisher LucasArts Entertainment Co., San Rafael, Calif. The shop landed creative and media duties after a lengthy review that included Darien & Kilburg, San Francisco, which handled project work for LucasArts in the past, and a few undisclosed Bay Area shops [Adweek, Dec. 21].
GMO is also reorganizing its creative and account planning departments. Executives Brian O’Neill and Mike Moser have been named president and chief creative officer and executive vice president, brand management, respectively.
–with Angela Dawson